OAS delivers IT security solution to protect against cyberattacks and extortion Trojans

For a North German industrial trading company with several European locations and more than 100 employees, we deliver a comprehensive IT security solution to effectively protect the IT infrastructure against cyberattacks and extortion Trojans.

The artificial intelligence of the neural deep learning network detects suspicious attacks on the company in advance. To do this, it scans employees' email inboxes, for example, and defuses harmful links and file attachments that are often gateways for attacks by so-called ransomware before they can cause any damage.

In ransomware attacks, often also called encryption Trojans, central company data is encrypted by criminals and - if at all - only released again against payment of a high ransom.

In addition, the solution also enables the customer to carry out targeted threat hunting, a resource-efficient and proactive detection of business-critical security risks in their own IT infrastructure.

For all its scope, the focus is on maximum flexibility for the customer. Individual security policies for individuals, groups or the entire domain can be created in minutes, saving valuable administration time. At the same time, the customer's IT managers receive a holistic overview of the company's IT environment.

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