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Track scales

for weighing your trains

Track scales: Efficient weighing of goods in transit

Rail scales are an effective solution for industrial companies with a rail connection for efficient weighing and handling of incoming and outgoing transport goods as well as for loading. At OAS, as experts in weighing technology, we offer you high-quality, calibratable, static rail scales in various designs for the precise weighing of rail vehicles. The individual requirements of your operation are our top priority. We also offer intelligent weighing systems with combined vehicle and track scales for weighing both wagons and vehicles such as trucks via one scale.


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Combined track/vehicle scales for trains and trucks

Our calibratable rail scales can also be integrated into your operation as combined rail-vehicle scales. This combined design is the ideal solution if you receive or deliver raw materials and goods both by train in wagons and by truck. Instead of investing in a track scale for rail vehicles and a separate truck scale for trucks and vans, you save money, space and resources with the combined weighing system. You benefit from all the above-mentioned advantages of the rail scales as well as from our many years of expertise in the planning and construction of truck scales.

Track scales for rail vehicles

The track scales consist of a single or multi-part pit and a weighing bridge and can be adapted in length and width to your requirements and the length of the wagons to be weighed. For easy maintenance of the load cells and simple cleaning of the scales, there is an access opening with a protective cover in the bridge of the track scales.

Our track scales are available for all common standard gauge widths and rail profiles of tracks and wagons and are thus suitable for all requirements of your company. To ensure that the weighing technology always offers you, the user, exactly the right solution, we provide you with the greatest possible flexibility: the track scales are completely relocatable and can therefore be re-installed exactly where the trains are dispatched, even after changes to the tracks on your premises.

Safety and quality are our top priorities: our track scales already have prepared lightning protection connections. Versions with gap bridges or inclined rail cut are also possible. Furthermore, all track scales are calibratable and thus guarantee reliable accuracy.

The OAS calibration service

On request, we also offer our OAS calibration service for the calibration of your track scales. We coordinate the appointment with the calibration office and ensure that the official calibration of your track scales takes place. Our calibration service guarantees you the highest flexibility as well as maximum accuracy and is optimally adapted to the conditions on your premises.

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Advantages of our track scales

Our calibratable rail scales offer you numerous advantages in daily operation when weighing rail vehicles:

  • Highest accuracy: High-quality load cells and weighing technology enable precise measurement with numerical increments from 20 to 100kg.
  • Calibratable load cells: Calibration of the rail scales guarantees reliable results when weighing wagons.
  • Attractive savings: Accurate measurements reduce errors in goods handling and ensure savings.
  • Combined track scales for trains and trucks: Combined weighing systems weigh both trains and trucks: You save space and costs and can use the scales flexibly.
  • Accelerated operational processes: The simple operation of the track scales as well as a possible connection to software systems and self-service terminals save time and resources.
  • Ex-suitable according to ATEX: Our track scales and combined track/vehicle scales are also suitable for potentially explosive areas.

Intelligent weighing technology for versatile applications

For a smooth handling of your goods transports, you can of course also network the rail scales with software systems. In addition to a possible connection of the track scales to your existing merchandise management system, we also offer you useful software solutions from a single source. The OAS truck scale management software wcon enables fast recording and further processing of the measurement data on a computer, mobile terminals or on flexible self-service terminals for the drivers of the trains and trucks. In addition, a link with our yard management software logis offers the automatic processing of all material and goods transports on your premises - from the plant entrance to operated and automatic weighing processes to removal, you can control trains and trucks seamlessly and efficiently.

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The OAS scope of services

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We will advise you comprehensively and without obligation on the integration of truck scales, operating terminals and software solutions into your business. Together we will discuss which weighing technology and applications are suitable for your individual requirements and represent the best solution for you.

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Project planning

For the implementation of your request, we develop a detailed concept that specifies all necessary steps and components. We plan the installation of one or more track scales or combination scales in detail so that your ongoing operation can proceed as smoothly as possible.

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Based on your individual requirements and the conditions on site, we manufacture scales and software tailor-made for you. All production steps are carried out from one source - "made in Germany" - in accordance with our high quality standards. To ensure that you are completely satisfied, we carry out a factory acceptance test of all components with you before delivery.


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Installation and commissioning

After acceptance, we take over the delivery, installation and commissioning of the track scales and all other hardware and software solutions on your premises. Our experts work quickly and reliably so that installation is usually completed within a few hours.

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After Sales Services

We are also there for you after installation: on request, we can instruct your staff in the use of the new scales, terminals and software programmes. We are always available for any questions and explanations. For maintenance and support around the clock, you can also conclude stand-by contracts with us. We are also happy to advise you on other matters, for example on the topics of plant construction, risk minimisation or failure protection. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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