Truck scales and self-service terminals for gravel pit with bulk goods sale

We supply a truck scale with self-service terminals for a medium-sized road construction and civil engineering company in northern Germany with its own gravel pit.

The truck scale type ESB serves both as an entry and exit scale. The Self-service concept with the OAS Logistic Terminals allows the truck drivers to weigh themselves at the Truck scales contactless, time-saving and without having to get out of the vehicle. Our weighing software wcon ensures the seamless transfer of weighing data to the higher-level ERP and merchandise management systems in the background.

For this purpose, arriving drivers log in from the vehicle via an ID card carried on board or via input on the touch screen of the self-service terminal and carry out the initial weighing. Should a driver need assistance, he can contact the staff via the integrated telephone intercom. When leaving the premises, the drivers drive over the Truck scales again in the initial direction and carry out the second weighing at a second Terminal. After completion of the process, the driver receives the printed delivery notes at the exit Terminal via an integrated DIN A4 printer.

Special features of our truck scales - type ESB

The OAS road weighbridge, type ESB, consists of a flat prefabricated foundation and a prefabricated bridge, each manufactured in one piece. This construction makes the scale type particularly robust and durable.

Special features of our Logistic Terminals

The robust OAS Logistic Terminals enable labour-saving self-weighing by the driver. They are used in the areas of registration, safety instruction, document issuing as well as loading and unloading. Due to the modular design, the terminals can be configured individually according to customer requirements and equipped with printers, touch displays, barcode and RFID scanners, camera systems, intercoms or similar.

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