Dosing technology & hopper scales

Dosing technology & hopper scales

heavy-duty and calibratable

Dosing technology by OAS

Process solutions featuring a smart recipe and component management

Our dosing control systems can be operated as stand-alone system or implemented into a higher-level process control system. They are of modular design and, consequently, can be individually configured regarding hardware and software to meet the requirements of each customer. 

Dosing control features an own recipe and component management. The clear and comfortable user interface allows even untrained operators to operate the scales. The innovative control behaviour of our control system leads to high dosing accuracy.

Our dosing technology portfolio
  • container scales
  • small component scales
  • mixer scales
  • mobile scales
  • loss-in-weight feeders
  • small-quantity dosing
  • micro-dosing
  • density measurement
  • volumetric dosing
  • liquid dosing
  • pressure conveying systems
  • dosing devices

Calibratable & heavy-duty hopper scales

As a standard, our calibratable heavy-duty hopper scales  are designed for taking-over and delivery. The hopper scales  are suitable for both, indoor and outdoor use.

The hopper scales are controlled via a high-performance control and weighing system. As an option, the scales can be operated via a higher-level PC application (production control pronto, scales management software logis). This provides for comprehensive data management and visualisation of the industrial process.

The preparation of daily logs as well as recording of material sums, master data management for vehicles, customers, sorts, and material types can be carried out independently or using the software application.

Functioning of our hopper scales

The pre-container and the weighing container are equipped with one or two electropneumatic inlet and outlet flaps featuring appropriate sealing and limit switches. The inlet system is designed for coarse and trickle dosing.

The pre-container, the weighing container, and the post hopper are located in the hermetically tight housing of the hopper scales , thus doing without any especially designed pressure compensation device.

No dust can emerge and dust filter cloths are not required.

This design eliminates problems with circulating air, which often appear at hopper scales  of high performance. A level indicator prevents overfilling of the weighing container.

The maintenance-free and nonwearing scales system features four stainless steel load cells. The weighing receptacle features a readily accessible device to hold the calibration weights.

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