OAS is realising a yard automation project in Hungary

OAS has installed a new yard management system for a global producer in the field of industrial refrigeration engineering at a production site in Hungary. This project aimed at an optimisation and efficient processing of the lorry traffic on site, which had strongly and dynamically increased since the 1990s.

A new parking area outside of the production site has become a central contact point for all lorries arriving. Here, as the first step the driver orderly registers at an OAS logistic terminal featuring a multilingual UI. The drivers also have to answer and sign safety-relevant questions (e.g. whether personal protection equipment is on hand).

When a driver is called from the site, s/he gets the opportunity of self-service weighing on truck scales connected to a self-service terminal. The permits to access and leave the production site are also processed on self-service terminals at the barriers and gates, which then open automatically. The implementation of terminals on the stackers in the logistic area has considerably improved the scheduling of goods. The driver of a stacker already gets the scheduled data in advance and is able to proactively prepare loading and provision of the goods for the corresponding lorry. This saves a considerable amount of time.

As the lorry driver is safely guided along a step chain defined together with the customer, the traffic on the entire production site could be optimised.

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